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9. Bob Darrah "Diamond Notebook: Darrah Still Playing

Bob Darrah article from the Register-Mail by Matthew Wheaton. Bob has been involved in
baseball since Galesburg Little League. Bob was a pitcher for GHS, American Legion, and
5 years with the New York Yankee organization. In 2012, Bob is still playing ball. Read the

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8. Candace Jacobson Gordon - Awarded "7 Everyday Hero" award

Candace Jacobson was awarded the "7 Everyday Hero Award" for her

hard work and dedication  on the Estes Park Relay for Life.  Candace is

another classmate that is giving back to her community.  Read the entire

article and view her video.

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7. Nancy Johnson Knights - Children's Author

Nancy Johnson has recently published her first book.  The title is "Gracie's Hill" a wonderful book

for children.  And who is Gracie?  We have a picture of Nancy and Gracie if you click below.

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6. Frank Dexter is One of the Best

Frank Dexter retires from Moline and Tom Wilson of the Register-Mail takes you back through a bit

of history of Frank's career playing for the Silver Streaks and what he has been up to since.

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5. Marty Goshert's Daughter

Marty Goshert's daughter has landed a job that she has wanted for the past 15 years.  Read this great Register-Mail article

about Stephanie Arnold's new job as the vice consul for the U.S. Consulate General.

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4. Bob Bishop

Bob Bishop is living in Paris, France and is the editor of the magazine "Paris Voice".  Norm Winick, editor of the

Zephyr, interviewed and wrote an article about Bob back in 1999.  We have duplicated that article for you to enjoy.

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3. Jim Jacobs

Jim Jacobs has been recognized "Teacher of the Year" again.  The Galesburg Register-Mail complimented

Jim for his latest accomplishments.  You will want to read this article.

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2. Lonnie Stewart 

Lonnie Stewart was complimented for his artistic talents with a front page article in the Peoria Journal Star, August 24, 2003. 

Check out a few pictures of Lonnie and a small highlight of only some of his accomplishments.  There is also a link to the

entire article.

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1.Marje Neice "Wilkinson" writes:

I just wanted to share with you all an article about my oldest son Doug (Jones)

who recently donated one of his kidneys to a friend who needed it.

I am really looking forward to the reunion next year. Itís hard to believe

that we are all so old. I keep in touch via e-mails with Marty, Janet, Trudy

and Rosie but thatís about all. I may see Rosie once a year or so (sheís about

1 hour away) but we both work too many hours to get together much! Let

everyone know that I would be happy to answer any e-mails if anyone would like

to write.  Click here to read Doug's story

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