Missing Classmates - Please Help Us Find Them

Last Update Nov 11, 2017

We now have 24 missing classmates. If you know their parents, siblings, brothers or
sisters, please contact them and help us locate these classmates. We want them to be
at their 50th Class Reunion! Thanks for your help. Below is our current list of missing

Patty Adams-Florineadam

Sherry A. Baker

Roberta F. Bangs-White

Larry Campbell

Robert Collopy

Kenneth Deef

John Dewort

John C. Ellis

Donald D. Folger

Sharon J. Greer

Donald L. Maxwell

Louis P. Osborne

Martha M. Ramirez-Pfeiffer

Charles Richardson

Lynn Sauers-Diediker

Judy Scott

Joe V. Simpson

Rebecca E. Steck

David Tapp

Susan K. Teel

Charlotte West-Eiker

Alan J. Wickman

Carol Wicks

Dorothy S. Wyman

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Thanks Again!

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